What Employers Are Saying

As expected, we got high quality applicants. We use other sites as well, but I'm impressed by the people coming in from Functional Jobs. I've been waiting for a site like this for a long time.

Jaap de Heer, streamtech, Netherlands

We have hired two very qualified candidates that applied after seeing our ad on Functional Jobs. The amount of candidates we got was not high, but they have been of high quality instead!

Lisa Stål, Klarna, Sweden

Our ad on @functionaljobs got 150 views in one hour. On a Saturday, too. Good stuff.

@martiell, United Kingdom

Functional Jobs provided us a good block of qualified candidates and really assisted us in the hiring process.

Jason Trost, Smarkets, United Kingdom

Functional Jobs has been a really great way for us to recruit more Erlang developers for our Engineering Department.

Sara Ekström, Klarna, Sweden

We would like to thank @functionaljobs for delivering such an outstanding experience! Candidates applications are fantastic.

@spawngrid, Canada

Functional Jobs gave us that extra edge in gaining visibility in the eyes of, and in securing the services of some serious programmers.

Timo Haanpää, ZenRobotics Ltd., Finland