Content Agency is seeking a Web Developer in NYC for a contract position located in NYC.

Job Title: Clojure Web Developer (Required) Python, JavaScript (Preferred)

Reports to: Founding Partner

Note: Please attach your resume when you apply. Must be based in NYC.

About Us: Our agency is a global leader in the photography, videography & mixed media, with headquarters in New York City and Los Angeles. Our core staff, along with a growing network of highly trained content creators, proudly serves a client list ranging from emerging fashion brands & artists to blue chip tech firms & super luxury brands.

Position Summary: More than a simple publishing platform, our web technology provides us with many robust features that support most functions of our business. Some of these features include but are not limited to; digital photo and video asset delivery to clients, e-commerce photo licensing, digital asset storage, permissions-based asset editing, customer support tools, FTP syndication tools, custom email alerts.

The Web Developer is responsible for every aspect of development from front-end to back-end & systems administration. You will work on optimizing queries, perform audits and provide solutions for any performance obstructions preventing the system from scaling. You will also implement design specs by building the front-end, endpoints, models, and tests to bring it to life.

This position requires a commitment at our NYC based headquarters and the project will last for about 8-12 months. Collaboration with additional developers who built the system will be required from time to time.

What you need to succeed in this position: · Knowledge of Clojure and ClojureScript · Knowledge of Datomic, ElasticSearch, Redis, AWS S3, Elastic Container Services, and Lambda. · Product knowledge—our own and competitors; · An understanding of one’s own strengths and limitations; · Good listening and clear communication skills; · Willingness to continue moving toward distant goals despite inevitable setbacks.

To Apply

send resume to apply-9194 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com