KU Leuven is seeking a Scientific Programmer in Data Visualisation for a full-time position located in Leuven, Belgium.


Although different generic data visualisation tools exist (such as Tableau and Spotfile), there is a specific need for custom visualisation (eg hive plots, horizon charts, and plots that incorporate domain-specific information) when working with complex datasets. In this project we will build a framework for creating custom visualisations and combining these in a dashboard-setting. The aim is to create the necessary front- and backend to allow for (1) easily creating and incorporating new visual modules (conceptually similar to https://github.com/jandot/bio-graphics), (2) combining these visual modules in a single interface, and (3) incorporating a biological ontology which links biological concepts to features in the visuals.

The code developed in this project will be partly open sourced, and we aim for reaching a large community in the biological sciences initially, but later also in other domains.

The candidate will work in close collaboration with a genomics researcher, and be responsible for:

  • Analysis and deconstruction of prior work
  • Co-develop data schema, develop data storage solution, and data loading scripts for omics-specific data
  • Develop proof-of-concept interface which links different visualisations
  • Implementation of custom visuals designed by visualisation experts


We offer a challenging position within a dynamic and stimulating environment and ask for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and pro-active person. The applicant needs to have demonstrable experience in web-development and software management. This includes strong programming skills in javascript and if possible python, and/or clojurescript (preferred).


The successful candidate will be appointed for a period of 2 years at KU Leuven, starting at or as soon as possible after April 1st 2019. Salary will depend on diploma (MSc or PhD) and experience.

To Apply

For more information please contact Prof. dr. Vera van Noort (https://functionaljobs.com/apply/9150; https://functionaljobs.com/apply/9150-1) or Prof. dr. ir. Jan Aerts (https://functionaljobs.com/apply/9150-2; https://functionaljobs.com/apply/9150-3) Please include in your application - in PDF format: - curriculum vitae - transcripts of MSc diploma (in case candidate does not own a PhD) - motivation letter - a brief description how you would approach this problem, and which technologies you would use - link(s) to work that you already did regarding web-development You can apply for this job no later than April 01, 2019 via this link: https://functionaljobs.com/apply/9150-4