CareDox is seeking an Elixir Developers & Functional Programmers for a full-time position located in New York, NY.

Love functional programming? Want to keep millions of children healthy? CareDox is hiring Elixir developers and functional programmers interested in learning Elixir.

We're a diverse, collaborative team of thoughtful, friendly engineers driven by CareDox's mission of working with schools and school nurses to immunize all children -- even the uninsured! -- against diseases like the flu and to help children with chronic illnesses (like asthma) manage their care.

We take pride in our Elixir code and use continuous integration tools to guarantee that all code going into production has high test coverage and clean compiler, Dialyzer, Credo, and Sobelow results.

We're conveniently located between Bryant Park and Times Square, walking distance from both Grand Central and Penn Station.

Requirements: * Functional programming experience (Haskell, Elm, Clojure, Lisp, Scheme, F#, Scala, OCaml, etc.) * Strong Unit Testing Skills

Bonus points for experience with: * Elixir, Phoenix, Erlang, and Ecto * The actor model (esp. OTP, Akka, or similar) * React & JavaScript (we use React) * SQL and Data modeling * Modern DevOps (CI/CD deployment, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.) * Working with Redis, Redshift, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, GraphQL

To Apply

send resume to apply-9141 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com