Cazana is seeking a Senior Software Engineer F# - REMOTE or in London for a full-time position located in Anywhere.

Cazana has been gathering a huge database of vehicle selling prices, images, mileages and hundreds of other data fields over the past five years. We use them to produce car valuations, provide vehicle history checks and help dealers and insurance companies to thrive. It's an exciting time to join the business, we're still a small team but we're well funded by some of London's leading VCs and we're growing fast. It seems like every day that another massive company is signing up to use our B2B offerings (and they're house hold names, too).

F# experience is not required, but you should have a senior level of ability in another functional language. We're open minded to sensible suggestions to move from F# to another language in the long run.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Development of platform used for scraping vehicle data from all over the web
  • Building the system which normalizes scraped data and exposes it to customers and our data science team.
  • "Parenting" the product: improving system observability, monitoring, automatizing repeatable tasks and optimizing existing solution.
  • Be a senior figure to less experienced team mates, answer questions and make good suggestions.
  • Refactoring, fixing bugs and performing code reviews

This is all on a large, international scale. We are a Big Data company first and foremost and an interest or experience in dealing with huge data sets is welcome.

Ideal candidate should:

  • Be responsible and work proactively.
  • Be persistent and care about high quality of his/her work: this includes various testing approaches (i.e. unit, integration or property-based tests), peer reviews and performance optimizations (mostly on .NET Core platform).
  • Be able to share his/her knowledge and experience with other team members.
  • Have experience with web crawling. Familiarity with existing libraries, frameworks and standards in this area is very welcome.
  • Have a good knowledge of functional programming (a lot of our current work is done in F#).
  • Understand event-driven architectures, streaming and actor model programming (part of the system is written in Akka.NET streams).
  • Be familiar with AWS platform.
  • Know how to automatize deployment process (defining build tasks, Infrastructure as a Code).
  • Know how to build efficient, multi-threaded and distributed systems.
  • Have general knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases.

What can we offer:

  • 100% remote work: entire development team works fully remotely (in terms of working practices). A couple of us work in the London office but mostly its an international effort. Project progress is tracked asynchronously (no daily standups). This is not to say you have to be remote: you're very welcome to join us either fully in the London office or a few days a week as suits you.
  • Flat organization structure: no managers, architecture boards etc. We organize and prioritize our tasks by ourselves, according to business needs. We choose technologies and solutions as a group. We trust our staff to do the job well without micromanaging them.
  • OSS friendliness: you can spend up to 10% of your work time on a choosen OSS project. Also feel free to contribute bugfixes for the issues in 3rd party open source libraries, that you've found during your work.
  • Chance to work in polyglot environment: we have people working in F#, R, JavaScript, PHP and Python.
  • If you're a remote worker, we'll fly you into London as often as you like to spend time with us (we have beer, cake, and a very small car called Bamby in our office).
  • Minimal meetings, once a week for 10 minutes or less is the norm.

To Apply

Send CV and contact info to apply-9130 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com