Starcity is seeking a Senior Backend Software Engineer for a full-time position located in San Francisco.

Starcity is looking for a senior backend software engineer. We're a young company that's growing fast and needs people who can keep up. Above all else, we value integrity, perseverance and humility in our team members.

Starcity is a lifestyle brand which provides beautifully designed co-living communities in major cities, and we're on track to welcome thousands (and one day millions) of customers to our communities over the coming years. We have awesome backers including Y Combinator, Bullpen Capital, NEA, Social Capital, Index Ventures and have been featured in notable publications like The New York Times, Business Insider, San Francisco Chronicle, Silicon Valley Magazine, TechCrunch and many more.

Our mission is to make great cities accessible to everyone. We do that by creating community homes—a unique new affordable way to live in cities. We’re a tech-enabled company that places a high value on experimentation and excellent craftsmanship.

As a senior backend software engineer, you will lead a team that builds and maintains our backend infrastructure. These systems include payment processing and authentication/authorization services, and our API server. You should be familiar with microservice architectures, be an expert at designing interfaces between systems and have strong knowledge of relational databases.

As a senior member of the team you will be expected to exhibit excellent communication skills—your role extends beyond engineering to mentorship of more junior engineers. This role will be dynamic and challenging, and you will be given a large amount of responsibility.

Our technology stack is ClojureScript on the frontend (re-frame) and Clojure on the backend. We use GraphQL (implemented with lacinia) for our API and Datomic as our database. We’re hosted on AWS.

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