CamBioScience is seeking a ClojureScript Developer for a full-time position located in Cambridge / London / Remote.

CamBioScience is seeking an experienced ClojureScript web app developer to join our team.

We're based in London and Cambridge UK, but will also consider remote applicants with a strong portfolio.


We’re redefining online education. Our proprietary platform learns about our users and then delivers just the right content to minimize their time spent maximising their skills.

Our business customers are equally as excited as we are. We’ve built relationships with multinational pharmaceutical and life science companies, and they are eager to join us on the journey to reshape the ed-tech industry.

Visit our company’s site at

And our platform’s site at

Our engineering team comprises of Clojure developers with backgrounds ranging from academic research to enterprise delivery. We love using functional programming to solve interesting problems.

Role Specifics

Our tech is solid and we want it to look slick. We’re looking for a hot-shot developer with a flare for UX and who knows the ins-and-outs of web development in the Clojure/script ecosystem.

We want someone who will confidently make a direct impact on the customer-facing side of our platform. This means rolling out new client-side features, and developing server-side APIs to interact with our ed-tech engine. In doing so, you should be comfortable with:

  • Leiningen / deps.edn, Re-frame, Reagent and React’s lifecycles
  • REST and WebSockets
  • NodeJS, NPM and Yarn
  • JS / CLJS interop
  • CSS Preprocessors and mainstream CSS frameworks
  • Proper state management
  • UX principles and slick user interfaces
  • Data visualisation in SVG and Canvas

Experience with CI, Docker, AWS, Datomic Cloud and Ions is welcome.

Compensation and Work Hours

  • Full-time
  • £45,000+ (based on experience)
  • Relocation Package
  • Share Options Package
  • Bonus Payments
  • Relatively flexible work hours

Why us

  • 100% Clojure(Script) & Datomic Cloud stack
  • Autonomy
  • Engaging commercial-academic environment
  • Interesting problems to solve
  • Supportive team who’ve been there and have realistic expectations
  • Company laptop and ancillary office equipment

We have an office here in Cambridge, another in London and soon California.

Our ideal candidate is willing to relocate to Cambridge or work from our London office and commute to Cambridge a few days a week. As we’re a small company we appreciate some face-to-face time to build company culture.

We will also consider remote applicants with a strong portfolio who are willing to reserve at least few hours a day to meet during UK work hours.

Whilst a UK based company, we’re licensed to hire from outside the EU including the US. We can help you with a Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship but expect you to relocate and join our wonderfully academic city.

If you have a github profile we'll read it with the understanding that you don't necessarily have time to work on personal projects and much of your best work may be private.

To Apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter detailing how your experience fits the role to apply-9108 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com