ActiveState Software is seeking a Full Stack Developer for a full-time position located in Vancouver or North America.

Are you a Go or Elm expert?

If you know Python, Perl, or Tcl you've probably heard of ActiveState's language distros. Now we’re building an ambitious language distribution platform and set of tools so that coders can focus on coding and spend less time worrying about dependency hell, third party vulnerabilities, and inconsistent developer environments. We’re doing this for every language and platform on the planet (and beyond). We need your help to do it! Best of all you’ll be working on a product that you’ll use yourself daily.

This position is located in our headquarters in beautiful Vancouver, BC. However, this position is also open to full-time telecommuters anywhere in North America.


Your job is to help us build the tools that take the pain out of developing code in teams. Our lofty goal is to replace the venerable README file with a single command. You’ll work on SaaS applications and command line clients and more. While a primary amount of your job will be described as back-end work you must be comfortable messing around with the front-end as well.

When not working on code, you’ll be meeting with your team to figure out priorities, features, technical issues, etc. You’re someone with good technical knowledge who also has an interest in the end-product you’ll be building.

Our day to day work practices are centered around GitHub, pull requests, code review, CI for testing, and agile development with Pivotal Tracker as our project management tool. We’re always looking to improve our practices and we expect you to help us to do so.

We’re a polyglot company and embrace using the best language for the given task at hand. You’ll regularly find Golang, Elm, Javascript, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, DCOS, CircleCI, and other modern tools. Quality is as important as speed. We’re building for the long run, so you’ll need to be proficient in writing tests and documentation too.

Our back ends and command line tools for interacting with our Platform are written in Go. Experience with Go is mandatory. The front end is written in Elm. Knowledge of Elm, while prefered, is not a prerequisite. We’ve found engineers with experience in React/Redux take to the language quite naturally.

The team is scattered around the US and Canada, so we coordinate with each other and the rest of the company using Slack for chat, Highfive for video calls and screen sharing, Pivotal Tracker, and the Google Suite.

We like to use open source software whenever possible, and we also like to contribute back to the open source ecosystem. We embrace open sourcing both libraries and tools developed in-house as long as those are not mission-critical code.


ActiveState has a collaborative, respectful, and professional culture. We’re all about working together to find the best solutions, and making sure that the experience of doing so is positive for everyone involved. There is a commitment from the CEO on down to making work at ActiveState a great experience for all of us.

Our company is a team of 35+ and growing, with 2/3rds of the positions in technical roles including software development and QA. We maintain a set of core, overlapping hours, but we’re flexible with specific start and end times and are understanding about appointments and life events.

Our vision is to have an ActiveState solution on every device on every planet, so we certainly don’t lack for ambition! But even though we’re ambitious we don’t expect work to become your life. We know you will do your best work in a positive environment free from death marches.


Working for a stable and growing company that offers the environment and personal growth potential of a start-up. The chance to work with a smart, passionate team of people. The chance to work on a project that will change the work lives of developers around the world. Competitive salary, bonus, and stock option plan. Comprehensive benefits package and health/wellness credit program.


Plenty of experience with Go. Experience with relational database (mysql, postgres, ..). Adequate knowledge of JavaScript and front end development. Good working knowledge of Docker. Experience building both web based and desktop based software. Experience with all 3 major platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows). The ability to write clean, well-tested code with clear documentation. Decent knowledge of cloud infrastructure. Excellent written and spoken skills, both technical and non-technical. You’ll need to work closely with your developer teammates, as well as be able to have coherent conversations with people from QA, sales, marketing, and other parts of the company. A willingness to engage in the process of defining our work through conversations with product management, other engineering teams, and the rest of the company. The ability to help others on the team become better at their jobs through mentoring, thoughtful code reviews, and generally being a team player.


If you have experience with any of the following please make sure to highlight it in your cover letter:

Agile processes, including breaking large projects up into smaller stories, estimation, working in branches (GitHub Flow), code review, and CI. Javascript tooling such as Webpack and frameworks such as React and Redux. Elm code, especially large Single Page Apps. Microservices and message queues. Docker, Mesos, DCOS, Kubernetes. Functional programming languages. Experience Creating parsers, compilers or code intelligence systems Deep understanding Process management on Window or Unix environments Work with reactive, event based systems Low level architecture (sockets, primitive data types like in C) and the ability to interface and interact with low level libraries (e.g. debuggers).

We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone at ActiveState and we welcome applicants from all walks of life.

Even if you don’t feel you meet every exact requirement, we still would love to hear from you and why you think you would be an awesome addition to our team and we encourage you to apply.

To Apply

Please submit your contact info, resume, and a cover letter to apply-9105 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com . Submissions without a cover letter will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!