Tripshot is seeking a Haskell : Backend & Web App Developer for a full-time position located in Anywhere.


I'm Wayne Lewis, Director of Engineering at Tripshot. Let me introduce you to our company and engineering team.

Tripshot was formed in 2014 with a mission to "optimize the commute". After observing the challenges large employers face getting their employees to and from work in crowded metro areas, we asked ourselves how we can help. With our backgrounds covering software product development, large-scale SAAS deployments, and selling and supporting large enterprises, we set upon our present course to deliver the best solution to this problem.

Coming off recent sales wins, we're excited to announce that we're expanding the engineering team.

But before diving into what we're looking for, its fair to explain what our team is all about. Tripshot engineering culture emphasizes:

  1. Meritocracy. Good ideas come from everywhere, and we encourage healthy discussion and debate on the team.

  2. Focus on the important stuff. No bikeshedding. Differentiate the business by tackling the difficult problems. Transportation is ripe with meaty problems in need of well engineered solutions.

  3. Ownership. Find people with the skills, experience, and maturity to own a problem but know when they need to ask for help - then let them loose. Tripshot is a fully distributed company, and since everyone works from home we rely on people who can own problems, and deliver solutions.

  4. Not all tech is created equal. We love static typing, and our tech stack reflects that fact. Backend services are all written in Haskell. Writing Haskell is sheer joy and highly productive. All web applications are developed in GWT, in our opinion the most mature of the "static language to javascript" compilers.

The next addition to the Tripshot engineering team will help with both the backend and web apps. Most of our new features require changes to both in roughly 75/25 proportion, but varies depending on the task.


  • Haskell experience is an absolute requirement. Personal projects are fine if they can be shared with us.

  • Java experience preferred. Its not necessary to have worked with GWT before, but that would be a bonus.

  • Highly motivated individual with excellent personal time management skills. You will be working from home.

  • Excellent analytical skills. Our roadmap is full of interesting problems requiring non-trivial algorithm design.

  • Must be eligible to work in the US.

Tripshot is committed to equal employment opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, protected veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

To Apply

Send resume to apply-9101 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com