Trivium Real Estate is seeking a Frontend Engineer for a full-time position located in London.

TriviumRE is an investor-backed, data-mining startup for the commercial real estate industry; we're making data entry jobs less painful. Our MVP is moments away from launching and customers are queuing to take it for a spin. As such, we're growing our team to tackle the challenges ahead.

What about the team? We have a high emphasis on continual learning. If you're not learning something new on the job its time for a new one. Our tech stack reflects this; Haskell and Elm are the main languages. We don't mind if its your first exposure to either. We're not afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. The most important quality of anyone on our team is their ability to learn and teach.

Since we're still young, working with us means you have a lot of influence in shaping the culture and direction of the company. You'll also a chance to grow your skill set faster than somewhere else.

The product We're building a data mining tool that can explicitly learn a relational data model based on sample inputs. It's radically improves data entry and data cleaning for financial analysts. Customers have loved our demos and we're understandably coy in our public descriptions.

Front-End Engineer

This is for someone who:

  • is comfortable in functional programming, especially Elm; and
  • is experienced shipping front-end software to production; and
  • has empathy for users and loves friendly UX; and
  • has an eagerness to learn and willingness to share knowledge.


  • £50-70k DOE. + Equity.
  • Highly intelligent, supportive team.
  • 20+ holidays per year.
  • Support for conferences & other tech related education.

A Typical Day

  • Start off writing a feature that requires elm-ports. These can be tricky, so you pair with another developer who has shipped such code before.

  • After lunch you're requested to review a Pull Request that fixes a bug you accidentally introduced a couple weeks back. There's no blame, instead some discussion about how our tests and review process could have caught this earlier.

  • The afternoon is spent with the Product guys around a whiteboard. You're helping them sketch out a realistic wire-frame for a feature we plan to deliver in a couple of weeks.

Some Tech we like:

We're more interested in a willingness and ability to learn than what you currently know. But in case you're interested in the stack we're using:

  • Haskell
  • Elm
  • PostgreSQL
  • Javascript
  • Python / scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow / Deep learning
  • AWS
  • CircleCI
  • Automated Testing

To Apply

Send your cover letter and CV to our CTO via email apply-9087 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com