Health eFilings is seeking a Backend Ruby and Haskell engineer for a full-time position located in Remote, USA.

Our backend engineering team manages the ingestion and normalization of data sets, from data extraction through to product delivery. We want to work smarter instead of harder, and create domain specific languages, meta-programming etc. where possible.

Our current code base is written in Ruby and Coffee Script, but some new modules are being written in Haskell. You will be on the front lines of creating a Haskell-based infrastructure that is maintainable and can scale to support our needs as we grow.

We currently expect that about 80% of your work will be in Ruby/CoffeeScript, and 20% in Haskell, but that ratio will decrease over time as we move more of our functionality to Haskell. (The faster you can work to migrate functionality to Haskell, the more Haskell you will be doing.)


You will have ownership of an entire module, including responsibility for:

  • Creating new features in a clean and maintainable way
  • Re-factoring existing code to ensure that we stay agile
  • Reviewing teammates’ code and providing feedback
  • Keeping yourself focused and your projects on track
  • An “I can run through walls” mentality to ensure that goals are met
  • Answering questions from our implementation team and squashing bugs on a monthly support rotation

We are a small team (four engineers), and so it is critical that you be a team player, willing to pitch in and help out your colleagues.


  • Autonomy to solve problems in the way you best see fit
  • A manager who is accountable for ensuring you meet your professional goals
  • A team who helps each other and always strives to improve
  • The time to focus on creating the right solution, instead of the easiest one


  • Professional experience as a software engineer
  • Experience with Haskell and Ruby
  • A desire for continual self-improvement
  • An understanding of best practices regarding maintainability and scalability
  • Must have US work authorization and be located in the US (we cannot sponsor visas at this time)
  • There are no formal education requirements for this position


  • Experience with data scraping and parsing


This is expected to be a remote position, although our Madison, Wisconsin office is also available as a work location.

To Apply

Send an interesting project and cover letter to apply-9050 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com