EmployeeChannel, Inc. is seeking an Analytics Developer for a mobile app for a full-time position located in San Francisco.

Who we are

EmployeeChannel is a leading provider of award-winning mobile apps for employee engagement and communication, enabling HR and Internal Communications teams to boost the impact and effectiveness of employee communication, to create a positive employee experience, and to drive cultural and business outcomes. The EmployeeChannel app extends the knowledge and reach of organizational experts to employees anytime, anywhere and is dedicated to the interactions between an organization and its employees.

Employees can find and receive organizational information easier and faster, get personalized responses to requests, and react quickly to time-sensitive events. HR and Internal Communications teams can respond real-time to organizational imperatives and employee needs using behavioral insights from Voice of the Employee analytics. To learn more about the EmployeeChannel app and how it can be used to engage and communicate with employees, please visit www.employeechannelinc.com.

What we are looking for

We are an early stage start-up in downtown San Francisco with great product, a solid business model, and tremendous upside. Fully funded and about to scale – a great time to join!

We are searching for talented and motivated individuals who like a good challenge, enjoy teamwork, and are passionate about building something of real value. You’ll be joining an experienced team that knows how to execute to a market-defining strategy. We work hard, because we enjoy what we are doing and the people we work with. We are confident that EmployeeChannel is the team to beat in what is panning out as a huge opportunity. The person we're looking for is first and foremost a developer, who understands and does functional programming, with Haskell experience, and enough math background to understand statistics and analytics. Sound like what you’re looking for? Read on…

What you will do

As a member of our Product team, you will contribute to both leading edge research and rapid development in our delivery of high-quality, engaging, SaaS-based products. Machine learning, NLP, and analytics drive a significant portion of our product’s value proposition. You will engage with our highly experienced research team to explore and model state-of-the-art use of these frameworks to provide unique insights for our customers.

Your work with other developers can have a big impact, heavily influencing our approach to delivering high quality products. We are committed to delivering robust, scalable products that bring a consumer best-in-class feel to the Enterprise market.

Here¹s a sample of what that would look like:

• You will work with data scientists and software engineers to implement analytics and machine learning algorithms in production-quality Haskell code and deploy them to production servers. You will learn a ton and be challenged regularly in this role. • You will devise tests of integrity and consistency for both data and analytics results. • You¹ll work in an Agile environment with a team whose track record of meeting or exceeding their commitments is strong. • You¹ll enjoy partnering with other developers, knowing that collaborative design sessions and the occasional pair programming are part of how we operate. • We deliver quality code, because we are committed to test-driven development and we take pride in our work. • 1 + 1 = 3 here. We look to leverage open source wherever it makes sense, knowing that we can move faster as a result. Speed matters. • You won¹t feel pigeon-holed here. Working together with Product Managers and our Hosted Ops counterparts is a daily occurrence. • You¹ll have a measurable impact on the success of our product and company. If you¹re looking for a place where you can get your fingerprints all over the product, this is a good place to call home.

Your qualifications

• The ideal candidate we're looking for is first and foremost a developer, who understands and does functional programming, with Haskell experience, and enough math background to understand statistics and analytics. And above all, our ideal candidate loves functional programming. • 2-3 years of relevant work experience is required. • You have experience with, and appreciation for, functional programming and where it can be advantageously applied. • You have produced production-quality code for a high scale commercial application. • You have used Haskell in projects. You know your way around GHCi, stack, and cabal. • You have designed database schema and worked with databases like Postgres. • You have built the back-end of a web service. • While developing, you formally test your code with unit-test packages such as HSpec. • You are no stranger to mathematics, statistics, and data analysis. If you encountered this with Python, we will not hold that against you. • You have worked as part of an Agile development team. • Git, Apache, and HSpec are all used in our shop. • A BS in a Mathematics-intensive degree (Comp Sci, Math, Physics) or equivalent is required.

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover email explaining why this position is a great fit for you to careers [at] employeechannelinc [dot] com