Maxwell Health is seeking a Back-end Software Engineer for a full-time position located in Boston, MA.

At Maxwell, we are inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in society by helping people make better health, wellness and financial decisions. We build web and mobile applications that support a rich set of interactions among consumers, employers, brokers and product vendors. Our domain requires us to consider usability, design, business workflow, self-service and process scalability. We view ourselves as the stewards of change for a very complex industry.

About Our Team:

We passionately solve problems and commit to quality as the leading design principle.

We are agile practitioners who think critically and systemically.

We are building a culture of automation.

We scale ourselves through small, self-empowered and self-organizing teams.

We focus on learning, at an organizational and personal level.

We value a diverse team with a variety of educational backgrounds.

About You:

You are joining us to teach us something new and to learn a few tricks from us too.

You care deeply about engineering high quality and resilient features.

You are excited to work with a team that strives to delight customers no matter what it takes.

You are an idealist at heart, and our mission resonates with you.


This position involves joining and bootstrapping a new team to set up a new service focused around products and benefit plans.

This new service will be used across teams within and outside of Maxwell.

This work is critical for Maxwell to deliver a strong and seamless on-boarding experience to our customers.

In addition to this new project, as part of the Maxwell engineering team your day-to-day responsibilities will involve:

Contribute to the advancement of Maxwell Health web and mobile applications.

Solve challenging software design problems.

Practice TDD and BDD on a day-to-day basis within agile teams.

Teach and mentor colleagues who are looking to improve their craftsmanship.

Invest in constant personal development and learning.

Must Have:

At least 3 years of experience writing and delivering software

Interest in functional programming and basic knowledge of at least one functional language (e.g. Haskell, Scala, Clojure, Elixir...)

Strong communication skills and experience working in an agile, highly collaborative environment

Experience working on distributed platforms

Experience using and designing web-based APIs (e.g. REST, SOAP, GraphQL, etc)

Experience with relational and/or NoSQL databases

Nice to have:

Experience with a functional, statically-typed language such as Haskell, OCaml or Scala

Experience with Domain Driven Design and complex domain modeling

Experience with the insurance/benefits industry

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