Studyflow is seeking a Full-Stack Clojure developer for a full-time position located in Amsterdam.

As a developer you will be building functionality which positively impacts the way our 100k+ students learn. Your work will truly change the face of education and you will be doing so with Clojure & ClojureScript, while learning from talented and humble peers in a small and fun team (3 developers & 2 designers). We are open to junior developers that are interested in learning Clojure (or functional programming in general), but don't have a lot of experience yet.

We are a team of truly full-stack developers: we manage our own bare metal servers with Ansible, we run them on a custom build Event Sourcing Architecture [1], we design, implement and verify features, from stakeholders to the student themselves. We use cool technology when we can, and we build it ourselves when we can’t. We're not afraid to experiment, and there's plenty of freedom to explore your own creative ideas.

We are Studyflow

A young digital publisher with the mission to innovate in education and together with teachers and students make learning inspiring and meaningful. Studyflow develops an online learning platform for secondary education. We currently serve over 250 school and over 100k students in the Netherlands.

Our team is comprised of designers, developers, didactic experts and sales/marketing talents in the heart of Amsterdam. We are an informal group with a love for creativity, hard work and having fun :-). Our time at Studyflow is an opportunity to better ourselves while making a positive impact on education.

This is what we are looking for

You are humble, open-minded to feedback and have an eagerness to learn and improve yourself. You are driven by the continuous desire to improve your technical knowledge

You are serious about the art of programming. You put pride in your work while continuously striving to combine the beautiful with the highly usable.

You recognize that we are all stewards of the codebase, not owners. You are proactive in leaving the code better than you found it.

You are a team player who enjoys discussing ideas and implementations with other engineers and stakeholders.

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