Red Pineapple Media is seeking a Software Engineer for a full-time position located in Berlin, Germany.

Want to work in Functional Programming in Berlin?

Red Pineapple Media distributes Video Advertising to more than 50 different markets, and we're expanding at a constant rate since we started 5 years ago.

Our Engineering team is being built around a strong culture of teamwork. Code reviews, joint presentations and group decisions are a standard for us. We often pick up the projector and do pair programming in the big wall of our office, or just sit together in the quiet room to prepare architectural changes or to give peer-to-peer feedback. We also have an RFC process in place to enable change in the team’s standards and practices.

We’re in an exciting phase right now as we’re transitioning to programmatic buying and selling of Advertisement space. The amount of non-trivial challenges in our horizon is huge and the learning opportunities are never-ending. From intelligently bidding for Advertisement space in real time, to applying clustering and classification techniques to improve Ad targeting, the future seems anything but boring with Red Pineapple Media.

What attitude are we looking for?

  • You have a strong personality, sense of ownership and responsibility;
  • You’re ready to work independently and with little supervision;
  • You’re naturally motivated and proud of doing great work;
  • You often read about Computer Science, Programming and your Industry, and maybe you even have suggestions to inspire us;
  • Your thought process is guided by rationalism and proof rather than gut feeling or tradition;
  • You tolerate difference and have a humble attitude when engaging in discussions;
  • You welcome criticism and communicate with regards to the feelings and opinions of others.

What do we value in people?

  • Your studies were in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or a related area;
  • Code needs to be read by humans and so you write code optimizing for clarity;
  • You understand the importance of testing and automation and avoid repeating the same mistakes;
  • Curiosity is a constant in you. You don't settle for the same language or paradigm for too long and are eager to experiment and learn new things;
  • You’re ready to embrace the DevOps way of life, because an Engineer’s work doesn’t end after we ‘git push’;
  • You have worked on Distributed Systems and have dealt with hard problems related to Consistency, Performance and Fault Tolerance;
  • You get things done not only when starting exciting new projects but also when refactoring inelegant legacy code;
  • You're ready to work daily with Linux systems, AWS, Git, Docker and a steadily growing Microservice infrastructure;
  • Reducing the cost of change is one of your main concerns when designing and implementing software.

You might prefer Frontend work...

  • ...and you know what makes a web application adaptable and extensible;
  • You have sensitivity for User Experience and you’re able to work closely with Designers;
  • You’ve been looking for a chance to work professionally with new technologies such as React, ClojureScript, Elm or others you’re eager to tell us about.

...or you might like Backend work more...

  • ...and then you know about approaches to stream and process large amounts of data in real time;
  • You’re happy about working in Functional Programming languages even if you don’t have professional experience with them;
  • You understand the tradeoffs and use-cases for both Relational and Non-Relational Databases.

What we offer

Never a dull moment. Besides writing code, we also do our own operations, testing, retrospectives, planning, architecture, peer-to-peer evaluation, coffee and cooking. It is probably the most exciting work you’ll have and super rewarding in terms of personal and professional experiences.

Small teams, lots of freedom

Every 3 months we organise in small teams around well-defined Business KPIs, and we have complete ownership over the approach and process we use to achieve them. This includes planning, work methodology, design, development and maintenance. We also decide when and how to tackle technical debt and we are the sole owners of those decisions. Then, after 3 months, we reset the teams and choose a new challenge to work on.

A safe haven for Functional Programmers

Even if your background is in non-Functional Programming Languages, if you want to do Functional Programming then Red Pineapple Media is the place for you. As long as you have a restless mind, you’ll find as many challenges here as learning opportunities. You’ll also have the chance to try new things and explore. We regularly hold research weeks where you can spend your time investigating and building anything you want.

Friendly environment plus silence rooms

We regularly hold team breakfasts, cooking meetings and ping-pong matches. We’re super animal friendly: 4 dog owners, 2 vegans, 1 vegetarian and a cat-loving CEO. Naturally, dogs are welcome in the office. But we also optimise for focus moments. We have one silence room where you can do power-naps, meditate or just work in complete isolation and we’re about to build the second one.

Do whatever you want - and own it

We believe that when given independence and room to grow, people tend to do great things. If you want to learn something new, fix that annoying Elasticsearch performance problem or focus on creating nicer looking brandings or reports, it’s up to you. As long as our business KPIs are achieved, you own and control your time and what to do with it.

About Red Pineapple Media

Red Pineapple Media is a passionate, dedicated team of content and marketing professionals connecting advertisers, publishers, and consumers all over the globe. We’re driven by one simple goal: deliver campaigns that mutually benefit the advertiser, publisher, and the consumer. It’s a strategy that has seen us successfully help over 300 advertisers increase their exposure and boost online media ROI in more than 56 markets – and counting.

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To Apply

Contact us at apply-8975 [at] functionaljobs [dot] com and tell us why you want to work with us. We might have just the challenge you’re looking for!