Frequently Asked Questions

When will my ad be published, and how long will it last?

Once payment is made ads are published near instantaneously. Ads will be visible for 60 days, or if you decide to manually delete your ad, less.

Where will my ad be seen?

Job listings published on are also published on our Twitter account and are sent to RSS & email subscribers.

Relevant jobs are also syndicated across a growing number of functional programming related websites such as Planet Haskell, Planet Erlang, Planet OCaml, Planet Scala, and Planet Clojure.

What kinds of jobs can I post on this site?

This site is only for positions which involve the use of purely functional programming languages, or where a functional programming style is used & encouraged.

Acceptable programming languages include (but are not limited to): Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Haskell, Alice, Logo, J, OCaml, F#, Erlang, Q, ML, Scala, APL, Charity, Clean, Curl, Curry, CAL, Hop, Joy, Kite, Common Lisp, Dylan, Little b, Tea, Lush, Mathematica, Miranda, Standard ML, Mythryl, Nemerle, Opal, OPS5, Poplog, R, REFAL, Russell, ASpecT, FP, Gofer, Hope, Hugs, Id, Mercury, NESL, OPAL, Oz, Pizza, Sisal.

Can I get a discount if I buy many job ads at once?

Yes. We offer a discount based on how many job ads you purchase at one time. The discounts for job packs are as follows:

To purchase a job pack, please contact us.

Job packs are valid for 60-day postings of equal or lesser price, expire 365 days after purchase, and are not transferable.